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In loving memory of Dr. Melinda Meade, Seventeenth Summer Productions presents a timeline of the life of one of the greatest Medical Geographers. Follow Melinda's journey, from graduating early from college, to joining the Peace Corps, and finally returning back to the United States to share her stories and lessons with students across the country. She settled in at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where for fifteen years, she held title as the only female Geographer in the department. Listen to previous students share their fondest memories of Melinda and be a part of a life that was great and taken away too soon. 


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Dr. Laura K. Moorhead
about 7 years agoJanuary 11, 2014
This is absolutely beautiful! I know that she would have loved this--very well done. I was one of Melinda's doctoral students  at Chapel Hill--I'm the one in two of the pictures in my graduation gown and sneakers!  Thank you very much for doing this. She absolutely changed my life.
Phoungphet Mesawat RN. Anesthetist.
about 7 years agoJanuary 11, 2014
This is so great and absolutely  beautiful.  Thank you very much to do the best film for her. Thank you everyone to kind to her. I know that she would have loved all of this. I was a former  Melinda's student in  Buriram  THAILAND. She was the best teacher in my life. We are dear friends too.
Robert Vanderbeck
about 7 years agoJanuary 11, 2014
This is a touching tribute to an inspiring woman. Thanks for making and sharing it.
Linda Plourde
about 7 years agoJanuary 12, 2014
Thank you Savannah for putting together such a wonderful tribute.  What a great life Dr. Meade lived and what a wonderful woman she was!  I did not personally know her, but through this video, we all know that she touched many people.  We should all strive to live up to her example
Kim Elmore
about 7 years agoMarch 3, 2014
This is really wonderful. Like Laura said, Melinda would have loved it. Thanks so much for taking the time to organize it.
ps. John Florin, you look terrific!
Carol Hanchette, University of Louisville
almost 7 years agoMay 19, 2014
It has taken many months for the shock of Melinda's death to sink in.  Although she's no longer with us physically, she will always be in our thoughts and actions.  Thank you for this inspiring tribute, Savannah.  I loved the music and old photos.
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